Assignment Six: Tutor Feedback Report

Student Name: Edward Lerpiniere

Student Number: 506079

Course/Module: Gesture & Meaning

Assignment Number: 6: Critical Review

Overall Comments

Many thanks for sending in your assignment.

Your critical review raises an interesting and pertinent question. It concerns social conscience; you discuss and contrast the question of compassion and donor fatigue and follow this by looking at evidential support. All are interesting and topical; are the three interchangeable? What is the relationship between the three?

I raise the question as your review’s title while talking about the first then goes on to discuss the later two without really addressing this question. You may wish to re-consider the title and relate it more closely to the body of your review.

I agree with you and have been considering that for some time.  

You discussion gives a good exposition of compassion and donor fatigue and then very sensibly looks for evidence underpinning both. You very ably conclude that reality is more complex and diffuse than either.

Feedback On Assignment

Technical and Visual Skills

Leaving my concern about the title aside you structure your review well although I do feel that you need another subheading introducing the notion of evidence. Starting with the introduction where you raise the notion of an exponential growth in imagery relating to disaster of one form or another leading to the phenomenon of compassion/donor fatigue. You equate the two terms and describe the origins of the ideas. This is followed by a closer look at the topic resulting in a realisation of a more complex and multiplicity of meaning. This then merges without a break from a subtitle into a discussion of evidential support; the review then concludes.

I suggest that you need to look again at the subtitles – ‘Claims for compassion fatigue’ and ‘Claims against …’ I don’t think adequately matchup the good content of the text. I also think you need to break up the later and introduce a subhead relating to your discussion of evidence.

I’ll look at the sub-heading titles and see if I can come up with something better before assessment submission.  I’ve looked at the paragraph structure and reworked it with a new sub-heading included.

Quality of Outcome

You have chosen a good topic, researched it well and set out a reasonable argument. As mentioned I think you need to look to the headings to better reflect the content.

Where I think you have missed something is in the summary nature of the assignment. As the brief describes this is the opportunity for the student to pull together all the work of the course. I get the feeling that you are still progressing with ideas and that rather than the pulling together all your work the review reflects your still somewhat latent and developing crystallisation of what you want to work on and where you are going with your photography.

That’s absolutely correct, I’m still not sure of my direction and I believe it may be some time, if ever, before I realise where that is.  I don’t see how this topic impacts upon the earlier modules of fine art photography and portraiture.  I can clearly see the link to social documentary and to some degree advertising but I think that my discussion covers this, but how to show it will, or has, affected my thinking about the other two, I don’t know.

Demonstration of Creativity

You show good creativity not only in the choice of topic, but also in your analysis of it. As previously mentioned I think you should mention how this has or will impact your work.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical Essays

This, as always, is very good showing the extent of your research and thinking around the subject.

Suggested Reading/Viewing

Given your interest in social topics and portraiture coupled with your strong work have a look – if you haven’t already done so – at Tim Hetherington’s early work at the Big Issue compare this with some of his later work – Infidel – in which he pursues his interest in issues such as love and male vulnerability rather than the more usual issues relating to war. See how this has a read across to the issue of fatigue resulting from traditional war imagery.




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