Assignment Two: Finding Your Voice

Choose a subject close to your heart – something you feel passionate about.  A subject that you feel people don’t understand or appreciate sufficiently.

Choose a photographically based form of communication or storytelling that uses devices like metaphor, allegory, collage, graphs, montage or a mixture of media.

Your work should reveal the development of your ideas, your experimentation to make visual decisions and the intellectual basis of your decision-making.  Your work should communicate effectively and produce the feeling or response you’re aiming for.

Produce a series of 10 images of minimum size 16″ x 12″.

Statement of Intent

There are two subjects that I have a deep interest in, Old Age and Loneliness.  I started this course of Gesture & Meaning with the idea of following Loneliness as a theme throughout the modules, but I soon realised that whilst there is a great deal of interesting written information about this subject available through research, there is very little in the way of images and bodies of work undertaken by recognised photographic artists.  A further difficulty comes with turning that researched information into visual works that are different from each other and do not follow the usual trite portrayals of people looking sad with their heads down, or of old people on their own.  It’s therefore very difficult to see how I could find 10 images that portrayed this subject sufficiently well enough using all the forms of communication suggested.  Similarly I feel that I’ve done Old Age to death in previous courses and didn’t just want to repeat another series of similar images to those produced before.  It then came to me that one of the main preconceptions about loneliness is that it’s a problem that primarily afflicts the single, older person, which is a definite misconception, it afflicts all age groups and social types.  I’m therefore combining the two interests and working to show that loneliness is a problem that affects many more people than just the old, and that there is a crossover between loneliness in general and old age.  I’m trying to make an image of each subject in the same style as each other, and I’m trying to make an equal number of images for each subject, although that may be more difficult than I perhaps anticipate.  I’d also like to show that the previous lessons from this module have been incorporated and I’m attempting to make images that make reference to Constructivism, Surrealism and Conceptual art as well as fulfill the communication requirements of the assignment brief.

This body of work will have the title ‘The Old and the Lonely’.


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