Of all the areas this course covered the part I learned most from was in fact the final printing of all the images.

I’ve produced quite a number of images at A4 size but it came as real revelation the difference in appearance of an A3+ image to the same one produced at A4.  A couple of things were particularly noticeable; what appears well focused and non-grainy at A4 can look entirely the opposite at A3+, I suppose that’s due to the greater magnification of the detail that one may have found very acceptable at A4 now showing what it really is like. I’ve also found that even on a high-res monitor it’s not possible to determine accurately what an image will look like at larger sizes, although I suppose with experience that will improve.  The second thing that is clearly very different is the colour rendition, although this appears to only affect some images and not others, why I’m not sure, and I’ll have to discuss this with people more knowledgeable than myself to hopefully find the reason.  At the moment I find that the affected A3+ images appear darker, particularly in flesh-tones, than do their A4 counterparts, and much to my financial chagrin it can’t be seen until they’re printed out, which on Fine Art, A3+ paper works out at about £2-00 per spoiled print.

Having said all that, it’s to my delight that the investment I made in an Epson R3000 photo-printer has paid off in spades.  The quality of the printed images is truly amazing, compared to my previous attempts on an all-in-one Epson printer, and even though the technical quality of the photographs from the camera may still be lacking, at least the printed quality speaks volumes for themselves.

My final observation on the course has to be that I’m not surprised it’s to be reviewed and re-written, again, simply because some of the subjects are too big to be covered in the amount of time available and need to become more focused, whilst others seem to be there simply as filling as they don’t seem to entirely fulfil the necessary intellectual rigour that a degree course should encompass (the calendar project in Assignment 4 springs immediately to mind).  Overall though I would say that it has stretched me as it’s made me enter into areas where I’ve left my comfort and interest zones ensuring that I, at the very least, have an understanding of those areas, even if I have no intention at the moment or the future of pursuing them again.  Not the most interesting course I’ve taken so far, which is probably reflected in the length of time it’s taken me to complete it, and I now look forward to taking my technical gains into my next course, Documentary.


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