Contemporary Awareness 2

Look briefly at the website of each of the photographers to get a general picture, then pick five or six artists (more if you have time) to explore in more detail. Present your findings along with reference images in your learning log or blog.

Remember that you’re free to add new photographers to the list.

    • Jose Ramón Ais
    •  Zarina Bhimji
    • Elina Brotherus
    • Calum Colvin
    • Gregory Crewdson
    •  Alexander Gronsky
    • David Hockney                
    • Alfredo Jaar
    • James Nachtwey
    • Edward Olive
    • Lise Sarfati
    •  Jan Saudek
    • Lorna Simpson
    • Jeff Wall

I chose the following six artists

    • Jose Ramón Ais
    • Gregory Crewdson
    • Alexander Gronsky
    • James Nachtwey
    • Lise Sarfati
    • Jeff Wall

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