Contemporary Awareness 4

This is the fourth and final research task to encourage you to look at how contemporary photographers are approaching a particular subject area – in this case, advertising. Approach this task in exactly the same way as you have done previously. Survey the work of the photographers listed below – and any others that you’ve found or that other students have brought to your notice on the student forum – then pick five or six to look at in more detail.

  • Anderson & Low
  • Adam Balcerek
  • James Day
  • Nicholas Duers
  • Drew Gardner
  • Andy Green
  • Jonathan Knowles
  • Jan Kriwol
  • John Lamb
  • Peter Lippmann
  • George Logan
  • Rankin
  • Adam Taylor
  • Dan Tobin Smith
  • Claus Wickwrath

 From the above list I chose to follow-up the following

  •  Anderson Low
  • Nicholas Duers
  • Drew Gardner
  • Jan Kriwol
  • Peter Lippman
  • Adam Taylor

In this critique of the photographers/companies advertising styles I have chosen not to include copies of any of their images because of the higher likelihood of litigation from them than other genres.  Instead I have provided a link to their web sites for the visitor to look for themselves at what I found.


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