8th May 2014

I’m not used to sharing my thinking about how I’m proceeding with my OCA work, I’ve tended to keep my thoughts to myself until its fully formed and then I commit it to the blog as an exercise or whatever it’s about.  It’s become increasingly evident to me that I need to keep a formal log of how things are progressing, not just as a finished product, but the way that it’s been arrived at.  Not only does that need logging but other aspects of my photographic education also and how it’s advancing, some of my more loose ideas, my off OCA work development, my investigations into techniques, all the sorts of things that I’d normally find, for some reason, embarrassing.

The need for this process has emerged from the step-up I’ve had to make from Level 1 to Level 2.  It’s no longer about read, do, report; now it’s about why, how, investigate, experiment, think, do, report, and I feel as if I’m being asked for more background to my work than just the actual finished result, be it practical or theoretical.  The only way to provide this background information is to write it down as it occurs to me, as I do, it, read, it – whatever.  This necessitates that this sort of thing is written down in a linear fashion, it may not necessarily make sense or be in order, but that’s the process of development and what it will show is how an idea has developed and blossomed without having to try to remember at some later distant time.  Hopefully I won’t then have to try to explain why I’ve done a particular thing, in a particular way when questioned by the tutor or an assessor, the information will be there in front of them already and they’ll see the journey I’ve taken.


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