8th May 2014

For a period of several months now I’ve been accumulating flash lighting equipment, flash guns, stands, umbrellas, triggers, reflectors, GOBO’s, and I’ve also been studying how to use them to produce portraits of a higher standard than simply from natural light.  I’ve also bought a few books about making portrait images.  Although the vast majority of information available is about making standard studio portraits, I think that by mastering the techniques needed to make them they can also be readily turned to making art portraiture.

I’m following a structured course called Strobist: Lighting 101 which, although basic, it’s a progressive way of learning what I need to know and saves just doing something hit and miss.  I’m now in a position to put into practice the first lessons and shoot a series of 144 images using one strobe, in different positions, varying heights and varying degrees of intensity.  The idea is to get a good understanding of how the light displays how the characteristics of  a subject will change as the light position, height and intensity changes.

17th May 2014

Well, I didn’t shoot 144 images; instead I found myself spending about 1.5 hours getting the flash and my camera to synchronise.  The problem in the end was down to me and trying to be too clever with the technical aspect of triggering the equipment.  I sorted it in the end and the very first image I produced was just as I’d been led to believe it would look from the course notes, which came as a great surprise to me as this doesn’t of ten happen in my experience, the usual outcome is that you get something like the result expected and then you have to adjust accordingly to suit your equipment.  So now I need to carry on and see how to make more images correctly in different postures and situations.


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