Project: Meaning in advertising

Exercise: The strap line

Your brief is to illustrate photographically three different advertising strap lines of your choice.  The images are for use as a  magazine advertisement and also in a bus shelter campaign. You can use existing slogans but, if you do, you should avoid replicating the imagery that currently accompanies them – do something quite different. Alternatively, you could make up your own slogans – or ask someone to make some up for you. Or use a combination of the two. The important thing is to get the imagery and the text to work with each other.

Feel free to include the product in your shot but, if you do, it should serve to evoke the required feelings/response in the viewer rather than be featured as a ‘product shot’.

Make notes in your learning log or blog. For each image you produce, try to identify the signifier, the signified, the punctum and the studium. 


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